In business today you need many things to survive, let alone grow, and in this mobile internet world you can sum it up in three points:

1)  You need a website that has a strong FIRST IMPRESSION on all three devices

2)  You need promotions and offers that change constantly and ATTRACT ATTENTION

3)  You need your site built to SEO standards to be present in GOOGLE SEARCHES
customer attraction program



TRILOGY WEB SOLUTIONS builds websites that are designed to always have a strong and powerful FIRST IMPRESSION on all three devices. You only have one shot at it, so your home page design and look is VITAL if you are to be successful from an on-line business presence standpoint.
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attract attention:

To attract attention we use what Trilogy call HEADLINES. Headlines Guarantee change to new and existing customers in “What’s On Offer”, “Specials” or “What’s Happening”. They can be designed around certain times of the year that are relevant such as End of Financial year, Xmas, Fathers and Mother’s Day, Major Sporting Events or just things you may wish to promote such as meal deals, Cash back offers, discounts, new products or new opening hours. Any business can take advantage of headlines even business’s that are not trying to get people to their destination as they can use headlines for press releases, specific news about the company, new products or acquisitions.

Headlines Guarantee that people won’t say “Seen that before” each time they visit the site and are your most prominent CALL TO ACTION to BUY NOW, CALL NOW, BOOK NOW, EAT NOW or SHOP NOW. !!!!!

google searches

Headlines as described above are a great way in assisting in SEO as Google reindexes your site with every headline change, however at Trilogy we also make sure your site is built to SEO standards ensuring you will get SEEN in google searches. As a minimum we perform the following as part of the build process. 

✓ Meta Tags Setting
✓ Meta Keyword Setting
✓ Meta Description Setting
✓ XML Sitemap Creation
✓ Alt tags on ALL images within the site
✓ Submit Site URL to Google
✓ Submission of XML Sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster
✓ Google Analytics Installation

Customer Attraction program
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